Transaction Advisory

Transactions such as mergers, acquisition and divestitures may make sense on paper, but the right execution team is critical to making sure what you see is what you get. Paladin's advice is informed by diverse experience across operations, consulting, and transactional roles, enabling us to help you realize the full potential of any transaction.

Buy Side Diligence


When you want to be sure you’ve found the right target for acquisition, let us help you dig into the details. Our cross-functional teams help corporate and financial buyers validate the financial, commercial, operational and strategic premises underlying the transaction, and identify the risks and hidden costs, increasing the chances for a successful transaction.

Services include:

  • Analyzing revenues, EBITDA and cash flows
  • Assessing business plan opportunities and risks
  • Performing a strategic assessment of the business
  • Identifying working capital and near-term liquidity requirements
  • Analyzing other balance-sheet items, including off-balance sheet and contingent liabilities
  • Identifying capital expenditure needs
  • Detailing profitability and cash driver analysis
  • Performing contract review and negotiations

Business Plan Review


Having seen as many clients through transitional periods as we have, we are uniquely qualified to quickly identify key opportunities and critical risks. We rely on interviews with management and key staff, leverage our knowledge of current industry trends, and closely analyze financial projections and their underlying assumptions to crystallize the current situation and future growth potential, then confirm a workable go-forward action plan in partnership with management.

We also bring our considerable operating experience to bear in determining implementation risk, assessing team readiness, and identifying the KPIs that will mark progress against goals.

Services include:

  • Identifying risks or opportunity in business plans prepared by third parties
  • Performing sensitivity analyses
  • Predicting financial impact of each potential initiative
  • Assessing management’s ability to implement the plan
  • Providing KPI’s for all parties involved to follow, report on & review

Integration Services


Integrating an acquisition requires advance planning and close coordination across almost every function, as well as in-the-moment flexibility as surprises inevitably pop up.

Every successful integration begins with an empowered and properly resourced integration team that fully understands the transaction thesis. What finishes every successful integration is clear direction and measurable goals. This is where our operations team can assist, with meticulous project management and tracking support. We help clients not only identify and quantify growth opportunities and synergies, but also track progress across all initiatives through completion.

Along the way, our communications professionals make sure that progress is broadcast effectively with impactful and cogent reporting and messaging to internal and external stakeholders; employees, customers, suppliers, capital providers, and the media.

Services include:

  • Identifying and addressing the critical issues required for your integration to be successful
  • Structuring a transitional services agreement if necessary
  • Developing a game plan and timeline, and identifying responsible parties for each integration initiative
  • Addressing practices or problems that are contributing to a failing integration
  • Developing and implementing comprehensive communication plans

Sell-Side Readiness


Our sell-side due diligence services help clients realize the full value of their business. Investing in preparatory diligence using our outside perspective before hiring an investment banker, can help identify and implement initiatives to maximize value, mitigate potential diligence challenges, and present your story in the best possible light.

We review operations, customer contracts, segment analysis, industry trends, competitive advantages, we help sellers identify areas that buyers will scrutinize, and address issues in the early stages of the sale process so that they do not delay or derail a successful deal.

Services include:

  • Helping management understand an investor’s perspective during the sale preparation process
  • Identifying & presenting the type of data driven analyses that PE investors demand
  • Preparing additional supporting analysis, such as sales forecasts, segment analysis, proforma forecasts, cost cutting initiatives & EBITDA add backs
  • Serving as management’s financial liaison with PE sponsor, investment bank &interested third parties
  • Coordinating seller’s due diligence preparation and presentation

Our transaction services serve various interested parties

  • Equity sponsors in assessing potential acquisitions, investments or divestitures
  • Corporate entities looking to make strategic acquisitions, investments, joint ventures or divestitures
  • Lenders interested in extending additional credit, converting debt-to-equity or participating in rights offerings

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