Strategic Communications

We recognize that every client’s communication needs are unique, so we bring innovative thinking, empathic counsel, and strategic planning to each one.  From conception to execution, we focus our consultation in the following contexts:



We have helped hundreds of companies manage high-stakes, high-intensity financial restructurings and bankruptcy filings with comprehensive communications programs to educate and maintain the support of key stakeholders and minimize business disruption. Our work can begin well before any public action, preparing for contingencies and engaging with the financial media to manage rumors and speculation, and it continues through the completion of any reorganization.

We reduce the burden on internal teams by taking the guesswork out of effective communications strategies so that you can focus on protecting what matters most: human capital, reputation, and valuation. We’ll handle the rest.

Corporate and Financial


Working in lock-step with internal teams and other advisors, we help client management teams and Boards of Directors seize opportunities, manage crises, navigate market disruptions, articulate their brand, stake a competitive position, and preserve enterprise value. Drawing upon our depth of industry expertise and interdisciplinary experience, and leveraging our broad network of relationships with key influencers, we help clients clarify, persuade and ensure that the right message reaches the right audience at the right time.

M&A and Litigation Support


We create custom communications plans and develop strategies tailored to the scope and size of a merger, divestiture, or acquisition. From early-stage planning to post-merger integration, Paladin supports public and private companies through the complete deal cycle.

In a high-stakes legal battle, litigants need a strong advocate who can make sure that critical information reaches key audiences quickly and effectively. We work closely with our clients and their legal team to develop a disciplined strategy that supports the overall objectives of the litigation without compromising business goals.

Reputation and Crisis Management


Perception is reality, so when a company’s reputation or enterprise value is at risk publicly and suddenly, getting out in front of the story is critical. At the same time, discretion is of equal importance, thus we closely coordinate with management teams, as well as legal, financial and other advisors to ensure all aspects of internal and external communications are tightly controlled as the message is rapidly developed. Our experts quickly and quietly advise companies through event-driven communications in the most sensitive situations.

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