Strategic Advisory

There are times when change is visible and you know the time to make decisions is now so they’re not made for you later. Yet your hands are full managing the business you have today. An outside perspective can help you frame and prioritize the issues, determine the right moves, and then execute.

The Paladin team has helped both mature and growing companies anticipate and prepare for the future, whether it involves realigning the balance sheet, exercising proper risk management, or developing strategic alternatives.

Capital Raise and Structure


The capital markets are continually evolving to meet every kind of need. Over two decades the Paladin team has built and maintained a large and active network of financing sources for equity, debt and every imaginable instrument in between. We can help identify and source the right solution with our deep relationships across a broad range of both traditional and non-traditional investors and lenders, including strategic investors, private equity and venture funds, alternative asset managers and hedge funds, mezzanine funds, pension fund, life insurance companies, and family offices.

Financial Restructuring and Refinancing


Balance Sheet Restructuring
When a company’s performance falls short of its planned growth objectives, it may need to realign its capital structure via an out-of-court refinancing, financial restructuring, or recapitalization. We can help you right-size the balance sheet to properly support the business.

Services include:

  • Covenant violation waivers & restructured covenants
  • Temporary, relaxed principal & interest payments
  • Renegotiated termed-out debt structures
  • Subordination of existing senior debt to “new money”
  • Settlement of debt obligations for less than face value
  • Conversion of some or all debt obligations to equity
  • Debt payment & balance sheet restructuring through the sale of under-performing divisions / assets


Many circumstances can lead a company to realize that it may have a specific need to reshape a certain component of the balance sheet, or perhaps find a new or additional partner. Let us help you determine the right option, whether it be replacing an existing bank relationship, adding other debt sources, or raising minority equity.

In addition, knowing the lending community as we do, we have the ability — and the credibility — to help prepare and validate financial forecasts from which prospective lenders can derive comfort and confidence.

Services include:

  • Refinancing with the existing bank
  • Refinancing with a new bank
  • Supplementing bank groups with a 2nd lien or term debt
  • Raising minority equity

Risk Management


Some business risks require a legal perspective. When you look ahead and sense potential trouble, but you don’t have the right in-house expertise, let us help you assess those risks and come up with a proper response.

Through a focus on high-level issues and regular consultation, our team can help both established and newly formed businesses mitigate most risks in a cost-efficient manner.

Services include:

  • Manage & advise regarding potential third party disputes
  • Transaction negotiations, management & compliance
  • HR audits & management (including guidance regarding employment terms or termination decisions)
  • Management of IP portfolio expansion or maintenance
  • Litigation management

Board Advisory


In its governance role, the Board carries ultimate responsibility to its shareholders, and, in certain circumstances, that fiduciary duty extends to creditors. When those situations arise, a third-party perspective can help a Board ensure that it meets its obligations to stakeholders and protect itself when making critical decisions.

We can help you obtain an unbiased, detailed yet comprehensive view of current circumstances that accounts for all of the material operational, financial, and strategic considerations. Armed with this perspective, we can work with you to develop actionable strategic alternatives, and anticipate and prepare for potential challenges from other stakeholders.

Services include:

  • Serving as an independent director or advisor after a complex period of financial or operational restructuring
  • Examining the possible sale of a company or operating division, and/or evaluating offers to purchase the company
  • Determining potential insolvency action strategies including bankruptcy, receivership or other out-of-court resolutions
  • Establishing board representation for a specific investor constituent
  • Assisting resolution of intra-board disputes
  • Serving as an independent director as needed
  • Performing transaction-related diligence & advise around investment risks
  • Auditing existing investment documentation & reporting regarding lender-related risks or needs
  • Completing portfolio-side compliance audits
  • Completing a transaction-related audit to address any execution risks or concerns in advance of a material portfolio transaction
  • Leading or consulting around launch & completion of material transactions where industry-specific and operations-focused expertise is needed

Services include

  • Potential Acquisitions and Integrations
  • Strategic Divestitures
  • Contraction or Consolidation Initiatives
  • Systems Initiatives and Integration

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