We chose the name Paladin to evoke the notion of a champion who fights for a cause. Beyond our decades of both financial and operational restructuring experience, what sets us apart is our dedication to serving and guiding our clients through their most difficult times. We help you get back on the front foot, find your bearings, and take on every challenge with confidence.

Restructuring Advisory Services


Standing at a crossroads, with the clock ticking and the pressure on, you need a clear understanding of the paths in front of you, the support of your stakeholders for the path you select, and the confidence to act and take that first step.

Paladin can help identify and analyze your options to find the right path, communicate with your stakeholders to align them, and support you in driving the restructuring forward, adjusting course as needed.

Liquidity Projection and Management


Time is money and money is time. Cash is the lifeblood of your business and is the limiting factor in periods of change. Accurate forecasting and tight control are critical to ensuring you have enough liquidity to execute a successful transition.

As if it were a puzzle with no corners, however, it can seem next to impossible to predict the timing and magnitude of every cash inflow or outflow, let alone manage it.

We can guide you to a more refined, granular understanding of your receipts, disbursements, and working capital balances, which will give you the forward visibility and control you need to both complete a restructuring and plan for the future.

Bankruptcy Planning and Management


The very mention of the word ‘Bankruptcy’ typically conjures fearful images, and causes confusion and distraction.

As arcane as the bankruptcy process can appear, it has, in fact, a simple and important goal: to help companies and their stakeholders achieve an equitable resolution, with transparency and fairness.

Paladin can help you, along with your counsel, take full advantage of the protections and remedies available under the code, while easing the administrative burden of meeting its reporting requirements.

Interim & Crisis Leadership


Keeping the boat afloat is already tough enough, but unanticipated vacancies can make a restructuring or any transitional period feel absolutely overwhelming, when what you need are more not fewer steady hands on deck.

Paladin can step in to help you bridge the gap and then step out as soon as a permanent replacement is found.

Other Restructuring Services

  • Balance Sheet Restructuring
  • Operational Improvement
  • Stakeholder Communications
  • Creditor Negotiations

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