Operations Performance Improvement

Our Performance Improvement team goes beyond analyses and reports; we fully immerse ourselves within our client company's operations and management teams. When we identify problems and develop customized action plans, we’re doing it with the company team, not just next to the company team. We deliver and implement lasting change from the bottom up by making sure our clients are intimately involved in every aspect of our scope, from data-driven analysis to implementation and measurement.

Rapid Assessments


Our rapid assessment process is the cornerstone of all our operations performance improvement work. Here we have a dialogue and listen to the company team about what issues are most eroding performance. Combining both operations and financial views, we synthesize data and information to determine what issues are truly driving poor performance. Using our experience together with the company team, we identify and customize best practices to eradicate the issue and improve performance in a lasting way. To prepare for next steps, we develop an improvement plan and business case that highlights cost-benefit timing to implement the prioritized “critical few” projects that will most impact business performance going forward.

Revenue Expansion


Companies can’t cut their way to growth; ultimately they need to find new revenue streams or widen existing ones. Performance improvement can be sparked through bold decisions to double down on products and services offering the highest potential growth for the lowest investment, or to eliminate channels that have simply become a drag on resources. Sometimes those decisions at the top line yield further opportunities to optimize cost and expand the bottom line. Paladin goes deeper to realign not only company offerings but how it goes to market. We also improve factory performance and throughput to increase fill rates and enable the efficient production of more products in smaller quantities to adapt to ever-changing customer demand.

Operating Cost Optimization / Rationalization


Maintaining an optimal cost structure is a never-ending battle between resource constraints and service level expectations, and often requires incremental investment in one place to realize savings somewhere else. We can help client companies determine where and how to strike the right balance, whether it’s fixed or variable cost alignment, overhead rationalization, facility consolidation (or expansion), increasing labor productivity or efficiency, or all of the above.

Working Capital / Inventory Velocity


Cash is king in any business. Period. Unfortunately, cash is not always managed as closely as prudent business leaders would like. When walking the shop floor, how much inventory that you see looks “active” in the process? In a service business, how long does the work package sit in in-boxes waiting for action or sign-off? Are customers paying on time? What is the company’s payables performance? Do the terms and conditions practices make sense? Our team offers answers to these questions and uses lean improvement concepts and best practices to free up cash and improve service levels for our client companies.

Performance Management


It’s critical that company measurements induce correct behaviors, from the lowest level in the process, all the way up to the C-suite.  It’s also important that metrics are understood and reviewed in a rhythm that works for the business. We work with the company team to establish and post visual measurements throughout the process that cascade upwardly into a summary visual that highlights overall area performance and direction. Managing summaries in each area effectively drives performance bottoms-up and moves overall company metrics in a positive direction.

Other Operations Performance Improvement Services

  • Product / Service Line Rationalization
  • Sourcing & Purchasing
  • Transportation & Logistics

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