Performance Improvement

Our Performance Improvement team goes beyond analyses and reports; we fully immerse ourselves within our clients’ operations and management teams. When we identify problems and develop customized action plans, we’re doing it with you, not just next to you. We deliver lasting change from the bottom up by making sure our clients are intimately involved in every aspect of our scope, from data-driven analysis to implementation and measurement.

Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma Process Improvement


To eliminate inefficiencies, our team calls on decades of experience employing a full range of proven tools, including value stream mapping, lean manufacturing, standardization, plant layout and consolidation, and Six Sigma analysis. Paladin doesn’t ‘demo and ditch,’ we keep at it until your team has fully bought in and the results are seen and measured.

Revenue Expansion


You can’t cut your way to growth; ultimately you need to find new revenue streams or widen existing ones. Performance improvement can be sparked through bold decisions to double down on products and services offering the highest potential growth for the lowest investment, or to eliminate channels that have simply become a drag on resources. Sometimes those decisions at the top line yield further opportunities to optimize cost and expand the bottom line. Paladin goes deeper to realign not only your offerings but how you go to market.

Organizational Change and Functional Transformation


Approaching operations, functions, logistics and workflows with a fresh perspective requires seeing through the org charts and process flows, and appreciating how the corporate culture empowers or encumbers people. By working closely with your team to examine the “unwritten” roles and routines, we can illuminate what’s truly blocking you from real transformation. Paladin understands that direct engagement and careful listening is the key to identifying and capturing effective and durable change.

Operating Cost Optimization


Maintaining an optimal cost structure is a never-ending battle between resource constraints and service level expectations, and often requires incremental investment in one place to realize savings somewhere else. We can help you determine where and how to strike the right balance, whether it’s fixed or variable cost alignment, overhead rationalization, facility consolidation (or expansion), increasing labor productivity or efficiency, or all of the above.

Other Performance Improvement Services

  • Product/Service Line Rationalization
  • Sourcing & Purchasing
  • Transportation & Logistics

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