Team Spotlight: Quintin Brown

Restructuring professional and CPA, Quintin Brown, says Paladin is like a championship football team and a symphony in one.

What drew you to Paladin?

I specifically remember working at a firm where Paladin joined us on a restructuring case. Something happened when their team walked into the building. People acted differently, things got done, and there was a sense of urgency. The energy was palpable. Paladin reminds me of the championship football teams I played for. The traits you need to win a championship ring are the same here: teamwork, accountability, and grit. Those traits are the fabric of this company and I love it!

What do you enjoy about your work in restructuring?

Helping people with their financial problems gives me a lot of purpose. Some say this work is chaotic and I’m not going to lie, it can be. But I was built for it. Growing up in a low socio-economic status I had to absorb the skill of bringing order to the chaos around me. I had to maneuver around gang violence while juggling football, an education, and side jobs. There would be times when my parents couldn’t pay for electricity or rent, and we were even homeless at one point. It’s easy to cave under that kind of pressure. I think growing up under those circumstances gave me the skills to be resourceful and to not be easily ruffled when things get wildly complicated. And restructuring can be complicated, but I thrive in finding ways to see the forest through the trees.

I can say that without a doubt, I am a more skilled professional and a stronger leader than I was a year ago.

How have your expectations been met so far?

Learning from the managing partners and everyone on the team is like witnessing a symphony. Everyone is so talented in what they do. Working here has been energetic and evolutionary. In a short time, I’ve worked on a wide array of cases like healthcare, agriculture, consumer products, and bankruptcy and I’ve worked with multiple partners. Much of my expertise is in liquidity and profitability but I’m not just the ‘spreadsheet guy’ here. I get my hands dirty and help drive conversations. Also, mentorship was one of the major desires discussed during the interview process and I can say that without a doubt, I am a more skilled professional and a stronger leader than I was a year ago. The firm also regularly invests in my personal growth which has done wonders for my confidence, marriage, parenting, relationships, and volunteer work. I am excited by what the year has to offer.

How would you describe Paladin in one word?

I’d have to say ‘dynamic’. This team fires on all cylinders. The breadth and depth of talent at Paladin are pure dynamism.


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