Team Spotlight: Philip Neuville

A love of restructuring and a passion for learning: Here’s how Philip Neuville found the perfect fit at Paladin

What inspired you to leave your former workplace and join Paladin?

First of all, I love restructuring. I was looking for a step into more complex engagements and expanding my skillset. The reason why I chose to join Paladin in particular is because it checks all of the boxes - complexity of engagements, I’m learning a ton, the deals range in size - but what really impressed me is the unmatched passion about doing this work. I was feeling a little stagnant at my previous job and what differentiates Paladin from a lot of other firms is that it doesn’t feel stagnant or sterile at all. It’s very personal and you can feel the passion. Everyone here is very much about creating a personal connection with our clients and that’s very important to me. You know, the saying goes that you don’t really pick restructuring, restructuring finds you. And that’s definitely how it is with this group.

How is it going at Paladin so far?

It’s great! The work has been exactly what I was looking for and then some. It’s been pretty incredible working with our clients. I’m thinking of one in particular where the focus is on building relationships and trust, while also digging into their data and identifying solutions that will help them with their challenges. It’s really important to try and understand what matters to a company so they can be part of transforming their own business.

A lot of shops are only interested in making money and finalizing the deal. Paladin really emphasizes getting to know the people you’re working beside and building personal connections with them. We go above the benchmark of what the industry does. A lot of firms go into businesses with a metaphorical baseball bat trying to hit them over the head with what they need to do. Whereas Paladin emphasizes the personal connection and the passion in helping a company learn what’s best for them.

“Paladin emphasizes the personal connection and the passion in helping a company.”

What is one of your most important learnings thus far at Paladin?

Definitely the psychology of clients and who they are as people and using that as a tool to get your message through to them. It’s been a wonderful learning experience for me. Some firms with smaller business clients go into restructuring with the mindset of playing “hero ball” and fix everything for them. The clients we work with are too big to do that so you have to build scalable solutions. There are a ton of stakeholders so the communication aspect is huge and I loved being exposed to that. I’m learning something new every single day.

Is there anything you’d want a prospective candidate to know about working at Paladin?

Anyone with a giant ego or a negative attitude definitely shouldn’t work at Paladin. We really are a team and the outcome is always team-oriented. There’s no individual winner. There’s no first place, second place. You have to be selfless, comfortable deferring to others who can help you, and be hungry to learn.

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