Help Your Clients Solve Their “Unknown Unknowns”

As an entrepreneur or a business owner, it’s often hard to foresee the ‘unknown unknowns’ that could ultimately cause the demise of your business altogether. In this episode of Connection Builders’ podcast Branch Out, Paladin’s Sheon Karol speaks about why it’s so important to seek help from advisors who have a broad range of expertise, knowledge, and understanding.

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Key Points From The Episode:

  • Why it’s important to find advisors and service providers with a broader understanding, rather than a niche understanding
  • Why professionals push clients toward a solution that may not be in their best interests
  • What business owners should be looking for in professionals when hiring
  • Two ways that advisors tend to steer companies incorrectly.
  • The importance of a financial incentive to the advisor to do what is best for the client
  • How to ask the right questions to get your clients to think about the unknown unknowns
  • The importance of having humility

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