The Scott Becker Private Equity Podcast Featuring Sheon Karol

In a recent episode of The Scott Becker Private Equity Podcast, Sheon Karol discusses trends he’s seen in the private equity world.

Click here to listen to the podcast.

Timestamps for key moments include:

1:30 - Dislocation in the market: We’re going to see both existential danger and great opportunity. The future will not be “normal.”

4:08 - Thoughts on the future of retail: Consumer desire for convenience will continue beyond the pandemic.

6:08 - One word to describe PE today: “Surprise.” Surprise at how quickly business has bounced back. The choice for PE is between trying for a slam dunk and making extra passes to get an open look at the basket.

10:28 - Advice to PE: Broaden your horizons.

12:10 - Due to market dislocation, business owners should use professionals who have broad horizons, who are aware of different opportunities and can offer varied services.

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