Team Spotlight: Lance Miller

Find out how Lance Miller embraces Paladin’s entrepreneurial spirit in his role as a risk and distress advisor.

As a general counsel in a prior life, I found myself focused on intense operations-related needs, eventually followed by restructuring and managing that day-to-day distress from the inside.  I know first hand about the “human side” and the management-related realities of distress.  It is a unique perspective, and I find that it helps tremendously when advising companies through this process.

 What attracted you to Paladin?

Paladin is very much a 'be all that you can be' environment. It’s not a plug and chug kind of place and I value that. It has a very team-oriented approach.  That is very similar to how our clients approach their businesses, and I find that it results in a best-in-class service model.

“Paladin is very much a 'be all that you can be' environment.”

What does your role look like on a project?

Every case is different.  Some companies need help addressing risk or complex board dynamics.  Others are in the late stages of distress and need help navigating a path through. I like to take a hands-on approach to every case, which means that in any of these contexts I am actively working with management and stakeholders to understand their reality and advise using our experience and expertise.

What would you tell someone who is interested in working with Paladin?

Paladin is focused on its people and investing in resources team members need to grow professionally and to be happy. We provide consistent feedback and we're flexible in terms of individual needs. We truly want people to ask for help if they need it and are committed to their individual success as well as the success of our clients and the overall team.

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