Team Spotlight: Connie Higgins

Working in operations is part of Connie’s DNA. Learn why she offers her lifelong expertise to Paladin.

Tell us how you came to work in Operations.

A lot of people are surprised that I do what I do. Maybe it’s because I don’t look the part, but it’s in my blood, and I love it. My dad has a machine shop in Oklahoma where I grew up and my parents made sure I learned as much as I could – from my first job of sweeping up metal filings at five years old, to getting my hands dirty learning to operate the machines and machining parts to earn money for college. My dad always gave me the opportunity to try to figure out the most efficient process on my own first, and if there was a more efficient way, he then offered his expertise.  This was a great way to learn.

Over the past 25 years I’ve worked as an Operations specialist, Turnaround specialist and M&A advisor across private and public companies and I love working with the team at Paladin in offering these services. They value my expertise and give me the support I need to help a company’s operations team get back on its feet.

Why Paladin?

With larger firms, it’s really tough to build a trusting relationship with clients. But at Paladin, we’re able to build the necessary trust from the very beginning and we leave a client better off not just as a company, but also as individuals. That’s why we don’t lead through authority; we lead through influence. We listen, we empathize, and we’re on the side of our clients, always.

“Paladin's passion and level of integrity are unmatched.”

What would you say to someone who wants to work with Paladin?

You need to be ready to put the client first. We didn’t get these companies into the situations they’re in, but we’re going to help get them out and we do that with compassion and integrity. No matter who our clients work with from Paladin, they’ll get a sense of our core values.

Every client experience is a new adventure and I never stop learning. I’m often on the road six days a week and work 12-hour days when needed, but I also have the freedom to live wherever I want and for me that’s a game changer.

What will you get at Paladin that you won’t get elsewhere?

Paladin’s passion and level of integrity are unmatched. This is a place where as a member of the team, I know I’m in excellent hands, as well as our clients. I thrive in environments like Paladin where I can learn and get clear feedback on my work. So, if you’re committed to being the best at what you do then you’ll thrive here, too.

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