Team Spotlight: Candy Chung

Candy’s trajectory into management consulting is unique. Learn how coming from the client side gives her an empathetic edge as a Paladin team member.

Being part of a company that’s going through a restructuring is a scary position to be in. I know, because I experienced it first-hand. Prior to consulting, I was in Financial Planning & Analysis at an apparel company that needed restructuring and was ultimately taken into bankruptcy. Having been on the client side during a shaky time gives me the much-needed empathy for helping companies go through instability and uncertainty.

I feel their pain and want to help them in every way I can.
And at Paladin, fighting for our clients to be in the
best position possible is what drives us.

What do you enjoy about your work at Paladin?

There is no typical day-to-day with our clients. The life cycle of each project differs which I love because I enjoy the constant change and the challenges that come with it. I typically analyze a clients’ cash flow and what options are available to improve a company’s financial situation, but each project entails understanding a different set of challenges unique to each company, and building meaningful relationships with the management team. And again, because I know what a CFO or VP of Finance might be going through, I can better connect and collaborate with them around improving their cash flow situation.

“What you say matters whether you've had 5 years or 20 years of experience.”

What makes Paladin stand out from other companies?

The number one thing is the sense of team. It's a collaborative environment where people are encouraged to help each other out. Everyone works as equals and introduces one another as “colleagues” and “partners”. There’s no hierarchy at Paladin; what you say matters whether you’ve had 5 or 20 years of experience. If you do your job with excellence then you’ll be valued.

Going hand in hand with that is accountability: we’re all created equal which means we’re also equally accountable. No one will hold your hand or look over your shoulder to make sure you’re doing your work, so you’d better be prepared to take ownership of your role on a project. And personally, I find that very empowering.  Ownership and accountability are key both internally and externally as we work with our clients.

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