Team Spotlight: Wyatt Branson

From analytics to wearing multiple hats, learn why Wyatt Branson made the move to Paladin for growth and opportunity.

What drew you to work at Paladin?

I wanted to do more than just look at data in an ivory tower. At Paladin I’m able to get involved in a number of different ways and work closely with clients. The deals we work on are much larger and more complex than what I previously experienced, so I get to explore a ton of different aspects of restructuring. We also work with companies who have entities across the globe which means there’s more opportunity for travel and that really excites me!

I get to be an equal contributor…I’ve never seen that anywhere else.

What makes Paladin unique from other firms?

I was drawn to the team effort at Paladin. Everyone here works together toward a common goal. There’s a sense of camaraderie and even though there are partners and hierarchy in that way, I still get to be an equal contributor. It’s more of a flat organization where everyone gets to participate and offer their expertise. I’ve never seen that anywhere else. And I get to wear multiple hats as opposed to at a giant corporation where you just end up specializing in a niche area. There’s little variety at those kinds of places and there’s a bunch of bureaucracy that can hold you back from learning new skills. Even though Paladin is a relatively new firm, the partners here have decades of experience, and the deals range from small companies to large organizations with a global reach. We have this middle-market sweet spot and it’s very satisfying. 

Any surprising aspects you’ve encountered within this work?

Being on site with the clients makes everything more real and tangible. I’m not just looking at numbers that have been sent to me that I then analyze and send back to those who solve the problem. And I actually enjoy analytics! But what I enjoy more is that I get to be involved from the very beginning and be close to the problem. I get to help the client beyond just the data. And that’s what I mean by tangible. The client is made up of real people who I interact with and help. There is also a lot of excitement and so many fascinating situations. Right when you think you know how something might go, another element gets added and boom, another new skill set, another hat to wear!

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